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100% FREE of Charge!!

We LOVE our customer & we wish to show them our Appreciation!

Therefor we offer 2 services to our customers Completely FREE of Charge:

- Courtesy Inspection


   Which is included the following:

  • Battery Related Components

  • Windshield Wiper Blades

  • Headlights, Mini Lights

  • Air Filter

  • Cabin Air Filter (if accessible)

  • PCV Valve (if applicable)

  • Fluid Levels

  • Belts and Hoses

  • Tire Condition

  • Tire Pressure Check

  • Tire Tread Depth

  • Illuminated TPMS Light

  • Alignment Check

- Tire Air pressure

   Inspecting and Fill the tires with air when needed. Yes, you can do it yourself in the gas station, sometimes their equipment is not accurate,  sometimes you don't know how to do it, or don't want your hands to get dirty...

We will Gladly do it for you! :)

You can stop by anytime for your Tires Air Pressure!

If you wish to have Complementary Inspection please CALL / TEXT US NOW - (949) 392-5100.



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