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At Mobilex AUTOMOTIVES Salon We are aiming for Excellence!!

Excellence in Service! Excellence in Quality! Excellence in Customer Satisfaction! and Excellence in our Prices!!

We are VERY Confidence that our prices are the BEST for the Quality of Services, Parts, and Guarantee that we provide!!


However, if it seems to you that you got a better price for the same job from another repair shop, we would love to CHALLENGE it for YOUR OWN BENEFIT!!


We will compare the details of the offer you received to our Very detailed and thorough Quote included:

  • The Scope of work & How Thorough is the repair.

  • What type and Quality of Parts will be replaced.

  • The Guarantee you will be getting.



In MOST of cases after comparing the other offer to our Very detailed and thorough Quote, we will find out that OUR PRICE WAS BETTER because it offered a Thorough repair & High-quality parts & Guarantee!!

In very seldom cases, if we found out that indeed the price that you received was less, we will do Better than just matching their price!! – WE WILL BEAT THAT PRICE BY ADDITIONAL 5%!!



That way YOU ALWAYS WIN working with us!!


CALL / TEXT US NOW - (949) 392-5100 and Schedule an Appointment.


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