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What happens if you drive with LOW or HIGH Tire Pressure?


Having the proper Tire Pressure is a crucial SAFETY ISSUE. Next to the brakes, the Tires are the most important SAFETY DEVICES on your car. Incorrect Tire Pressure will compromise:

  • Cornering.

  • Braking and stability.

  • Can lead to tire failure — and a serious accident.

  • Affecting Driving comfort.

  • Fuel economy.

  • Tire life.

When Tire Pressure is TOO HIGH - LESS of the tire touches the ground. As a consequence:

  • The car will BOUNCE AROUND on the road. And when your tires are bouncing instead of firmly planted on the road, TRACTION SUFFERS and so do your STOPPING DISTANCES.


  • Decreasing in RIDE COMFORT.


When Tire Pressure is TOO HIGH – TOO MUCH of the tire's surface area touches the ground, which INCREASES FRICTION between the road and the tire. As a result, not only the TIRES WEARS PREMATURELY, but they also COULD OVERHEAT. Overheating can lead to TREAD SEPARATION — and a nasty accident. One sign of low Tire Pressure is if your tires SQUEAL WHEN CORNERING.


If you're suspect that your Tires Pressure is Too Low or Too High - WE CAN HELP YOU!


CALL / TEXT US NOW - (949) 392-5100 - get a COMPLEMENTARY / FREE of CHARGE Tire Pressure INSPECTION + ADJUSTING Tire Pressure to the OPTIMAL Air Pressure!

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