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What is the DIFFERENCE between OIL CHANGE?


Conventional Oil Change uses “conventional” oil derived from Petroleum and is recommended for MOST VEHICLES, especially BRAND-NEW CAR WITH LESS THAN 5,000 MILES. This initial mileage is known as a “break-in” period for vehicles straight off the factory line.


Conventional Oil Change services are SIGNIFICANTLY LESS EXPENSIVE than Synthetic and High Mileage Oil change services.


Synthetic Oil change has an incredible capacity for reducing friction and wears on engine parts,  Synthetic Oil Change more costly but have some pretty impressive advantages such as:

  • Flows easier in COLDER WEATHER.

  • Increases resistance to break down at HIGH TEMPERATURE.

  • Consumes less energy due to engine friction and SAVES OIL.

  • Lasts as much as Three TIMES LONGER than Conventional Oil.


High Mileage Oil Change recommended for vehicles WITH OVER 75,000 MILES, the composition and formula of High Mileage Oil are designed to: 


  • SLOW AGING PROCESS  for the engine parts and extend the performance life of your vehicle.

  • It helps to CONDITION ENGINE SEALS, REDUCE LEAKS and deposits, and LOWER OIL CONSUMPTION in older vehicles.


When your car needs OIL CHANGE  - WE’LL GUIDE YOU to decide which Oil CHANGE will be the BEST FOR YOUR CAR!


CALL / TEXT US NOW - (949) 392-5100 and Set up an OIL CHANGE for your car!

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